Oh For The Love Of Lazy Days!!

   Good Morning! All my Lovely’s!! I hope everyone will have a fantastic day today!!

Well first off, its been a few days since I have posted anything new so I finally got some time and decided to get a new Post up! I have always had those days when I really don’t want to do anything or get all dressed up for the day especially if its HOT outside!! I mean come on seriously why even try to get all dolled up or where a lot of make up it will just get all messed up and you’ll be all sweaty! EWW!! I mean seriously I know every single girl fills this way!!  Don’t be afraid to admit that!  You know its true!!  I seriously feel this way a lot especially during the summer!!

So what I will share with all of you today, is how to look all cute an sassy and not trying so hard on those hot lazy days!  So have you ever woke up and just laid there in your bed and you just literally want just stay in bed, because you feel to lazy to just try to even get ready? Well I will easily and be happy to share some of my secrets with you that I am still trying to adjust myself to a new routine as well.

So off first is getting out of bed go get something to eat, or go shower and just try to get yourself to wake up, then after that just get ready in your towel or robe, witch I am sure lots of you do! don’t lie to yourself you know you do that! don’t be ashamed, your not the only one I mean seriously, you just got out of the shower and your all hot and sweaty feeling right after you get out of the shower!  Now time to get down to the good stuff, next get some tunes going and making them uplifting songs that you can sing along to and dance while get ready witch I am sure a lot of you do already.. LOL. You just need to be uplifted to start your day on a good side!

Next thing is picking out what where. listen to this if your not really doing anything or not planning on doing much during the day then just pick out something you feel comfortable in, life for example get a pair of some Capri leggings something you can move in of course then just pick out a cute shirt to go with that it can even be a work out tank or whatever you don’t have to get all fancy with yourself if your not really doing anything! Now the fun most part that I know everyone dreads is the make up and hair part… Face it you all know you just say to yourself well here it goes lets see if I can break a record of trying to rush getting my make up on quick.. well I will be happy to simplify this process. First off, just go with the no make up- make up look witch I am sure lots of you already do but if not just do this kind of look its so much simple especially if you just want to have a lazy day, and if you go out for anything then you will be all ready for the day.

Now the next part is the Hair, you just stair in that mirror and just think what to do with this hair today? Well the most awesome tip if you want to do is over night get your hair wet and braid it and just sleep on it then in the morning your hair will have lushes locks of curls! Another thing is just do that Top Knot!! Come on be honest with your self you all do this I am sure of this!!

Now Finally your ready for whatever your doing for the day whether you go out shopping or to lunch, now if you want to add a little of sass to you lazy day look is my personal fave and that is, add a pair of nice big sunglasses and a huge tote purse I know that might seem weird but its seriously an fashion must if you want that little extra sass to your lazy day look this is like the most highly recommended this easy fashion tip that I have learned.

I am not saying you have to do all of this its just a little of a help if you need those kind of lazy days tips of what to do and where and what not. I know each girl has their own routine of what they like to do believe me I am the same way but change is a good thing! you will feel so much better with yourself Trust ME!! Every girl is Beautiful in their own Lovely way! Always rember you are Beautiful! Don’t let anyone else bring you down you are your beautiful self you don’t need to listen to what people think of you, you have your own style and that what makes you Beautiful!

Well I hope everyone enjoyed my blog!


Sometimes all you need is a little style in your life..

fashion on mindGood Morning, all my little rays of sunshine!

Ok so to first start off in this post, is sometimes you just don’t want to sleep at night… So last night I didn’t really get much sleep, ok to be honest I didn’t even go to bed I wasn’t even tired! I know that might sound crazy but I was wide AWAKE!  Yesterday late after noon, I decided to go take a “Little” nap.. Some times you just want to take a nice little nap! Anyways when I woke up it was eight o clock! ahh! I was not planning on sleeping that much but I guess I was tired. LOL.

So hear I am with no sleep at all, decided to work on my blog. I know its crazy how can I not be tired your wondering, well it turns out I didn’t really want to sleep… Anyways as I was thinking about what to wright about, I thought, hey why not write about your first fashion post.. since my blog is about fashion hence the title of my blog!

As I have mentioned in my about me post, I love fashion! I seriously don’t even know where to begin! Fashion is something that I am very passionate about, its somehow like a therapy to me. Whether its putting something together or designing or just looking on pintrest yes I know surprise, surprise I said Pintrest. Anyways as I was saying I simply love fashion! its very important to me it some how just relaxes me.  Anyways you don’t need to follow the latest trends or have what your friends have just have your own sense style that what make you, YOU!

Anyways as I was searching for one of my favorite styles I came upon this amazing little black dress. I think every girl deserves to have their own ” Little Black Dress.”  Sometimes when you need a little pick me up, if your not feeling like you don’t know what to wear, and you just don’t think you look the way you want to when you look in that one “Evil” thing we call a “Mirror”.  Just remember you don’t have to look a certain way, you just Be you and your lovely self!

Well I hope all you lovely’s have a Wonderful, Fabulous Day!

I hope you all enjoyed my blog!

The Road to something new

Hey Everyone!

As I have mentioned in my about me my name is Makyla, first off I will like to say this is all new to me all this blogging thing is all new to me so I am going to try my best to keep up with everything. I mentioned in my about me that I will let you all know more about me about me and what’s been going on in my life, and why my title is what it is called.

Well here it goes, hope you all can keep up with everything. Well to first start off with is I have been going through a lot of things right now in my life and I am going to be honest I am not the kind of person that opens up about things I don’t want people to know about me and what going on in my life. I have been having a rough time with everything in my life with ups and downs. I have been currently been struggling with a thing called “OCD” yes you heard right, it might sound funny and weird and normal to some people but honest to goodness its no FUN, if your the one going through it! It’s literally a living HELL! I don’t really use that word a lot but that’s literally the only way to describe it its seriously no fun its been making my life miserable for a very long time. I Have learned to really not care so much about what others think about me, its my life, my problems! is no one else’s business! Everyone has their own little “Corks” in their life that they don’t want people to know about them. To be honest if you keep all those things all bottled up one day you will explode like a soda bottle just got all shaken up and when you open it all that  “FIZZ”  comes running out of the bottle. Its hard at first to tell someone believe me it was not easy at all when I finally got the courage to tell my mom she completely helped me, I am not all the way healed but I am on a good road to recovery.

Well Hope everyone enjoyed my first post, as I said before I am all new to this blogging thing, I hope my blog inspires everyone and hope you all enjoy my blog that’s in the process of being made. I wont be talking all about my OCD problems thought my blog that’s just what I wanted to let every one know that its ok to let people know what going on in your life. Anyways hence the title of my blog…

Hope you all enjoyed!

Crime is for criminal minds..

Ok so first off I have a little problem with this show called “Criminal Minds”! I seriously I am addicted to that show whenever that show is on, I am literally glued to the T.V!  I blame my mom for getting me into that show… LOL. Its seriously an awesome show if you haven’t seen that show I highly recommended it! I just love how in the show like every one has their ways of thinking of who did what when and where it happened for each episode it just Amazes me of how every one in that show know what they are doing.

I seriously love Reid in the show he is literally so Smart! I don’t know how he can recite and remember each little detail and his ability to read super fast! I don’t know about all of you but to read super fast would be super awesome to have that ability!  My other character in that show is Garcia, I seriously love her and everything that she does and I also love her and Derik when they talk and have these funny little names for each outer its simply funny. Anyways Garcia, is like seriously super smart and super fast at looking up everything that she need to look up or find something about a person its amazing I would seriously love to have that ability like literally she is amazing in that show I again Love her!

Anyways I thought I would share that with everyone!

Hope you all enjoyed!