In With The New Out With The Old


Good evening lovelys!! I hope everyone had a faboulus and fantastic day today! 😊 ☺ 😀 Sorry that I haven’t posted anything new up on my blog in a few days!! It’s been a few busy days with getting all the holiday season stuff done like cleaning and making things all nice and ready for Christmas eve dinner with the family and everything along with all the holiday baking and just all in all just trying to get ready for Christmas!!

So with all that and everything and christmas it was a fun and exciting time these last few days with all the fun christmas and holiday season activities and the Christmas movie and baking christmas goodies for the neighbors along with just spending and enjoying time with family!!! I seriously loved christmas last week and I still love christmas anyway because it’s my favorite holiday season!! But with all the holiday stress and everything it seriously messes with yourself if you have any mental illness!! It just makes everything no fun it gets your head full of even more nonsense that you don’t need in your life and mind!! It’s just not what you want to deal with in your life!! It’s seriously just no fun at all 😔 it makes you a whole different self do things and all depressed but luckily I have been trying and whole lot more and fighting myself more to conquer this whole OCD Mental Illness!!! Anyways I am still getting so much stronger than I used to be!! I am sooooo grateful for all my wonderful support my family is soo awesome for dealing and being SOO patient with me with all my mental illness health stuff!! Anyways with all that said it’s coming to the end of the year!!! It’s the time for in with the new and out with the old!! It’s the time to declutterize your life and throw out your old stuff and old memories along with beginning a new and improved chapter in your life it’s the time to just literally have a fresh clean start with a whole new year among yourselfs!! If you have the effort to Change and to make and keep your eyes wide open you can succeed in your new year but you must have the will to be able to be willing to change!!

Anyways I hope everyone had a fabulous and fantastic day today! 😊 ☺ 😀

Love you guys!!!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year


It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Good afternoon lovelys!! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and I hope everyone has a wonderful day today! 😊 ☺ 😀  OK so I haven’t been posting on my blog in a few days! It’s been a while since I last have updated my blog posting! So as christmas is approaching really fast I thought I would post up my little holiday shopping posting up on my blog! So on Saturday of last week me and my wonderful and amazing mother we went and donated blankets to an animal shelter Witch I do mostly every time during the holidays! I just enjoy giving back to the community it’s like truly the most uplifting wonderful things you can experience especially during the holidays!! It was such an lovely experience!! So after all that was all done, me and my went to do some more christmas shopping witch I absolutely love to do during the holiday season! I mean seriously come on when your a girl you always want to go shopping!!! Especially when it’s christmas time and there are so many sales!!!! I mean come on who wouldn’t want to go shopping along with snagging some amazing deals!! Don’t lie to yourselfs!! I know everyone of you probably loves to go extremely crazy when it comes to shopping especially during the holiday season! LOL
Anyways shopping with my mom was extremely difficult especially when you are trying to find and buy her christmas presents along with her shopping for my Christmas gifts!!! But out of all that I still loved and enjoyed every moment spend with her even though it took us a while to leave the house to go do our errands because of my mental illness likes to appear out of nowhere and make my day not a good day anymore!! But I fought through that!! It wasn’t easy but I finally got myself to the point when I was just tired of everything and just basically said whatever I don’t want to deal with this mental illness anymore  and so I moved on with my day!! It’s always nice to be able to get out of the house it literally helps me like forget about things and keeps me sain and calm witch is an important part of me and that I am literally so grateful for being able to go out of the house and enjoy the fresh air!!! Anyways I sill have my mental health issues and illness but every day I am getting better and better than as I used to be!! I am so grateful for my huge support from my awesome family!!! It’s the little things that can help you and make you happy ☺ 😊 😀

And not to forget about you guys but being able to see and read all about your guys life makes me even more happier!! You guys are seriously the best!!!

Love you guys!

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and I hope everyone has a fantastic day today! 😊 ☺ 😀

Love you guys!

Enjoy The Little Things In Life


Hello Lovelys! I hope everyone had a fabulous and fantastic day today! 😊 ☺ 😀

OK so it’s been a few days since I have last posted on my blog and it’s just been some of those days when you just want to give up on everything, but thankfully I am more stronger than that and I just kept calm and just tried to push all the negative and bad thoughts away it takes alot of hard work and distracting to keep all those bad thoughts out of your head and literally it’s Misserable!!
Like that’s how I can literally described how it feels to be dealing with this crazy mental illness and seriously it’s not fun at all! But lately I have been keeping calm and just trying to think about happy and positive thoughts to keep my head from talking to me and telling me all this crazy none sense it literally is like not fun feeling like you have another person inside of you telling you that something is going to happen to you but seriously it just nothing will happen like that’s just how my mind is working at the moment. I just simply remind myself that I can conquer this battle with the amazing support of my awesome family and just knowing when I seriously need help in my life it’s the simple little things in life to be thankful for!! I am so grateful for the amazing support from my family and for all you guys that make me happy whenever I read your blogs it just simply is amazing how each of us everyone of us has different types of things going on in life. Sometimes you just need to enjoy and be grateful for the little things in life.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow!!!

Love you guys! 

Moonlight and Tinsel


Good morning Lovelys I hope everyone had a fabulous day yesterday!! So I hope everyone is excited and getting ready for the holiday season! I love this time of the year it’s so much fun being with the ones that you love. Christmas is the time of year where there is love in the air and laughing and snuggling up with your love one and sipping hot chocolate together while eating yummy gingerbread cookies and enoy being together. But sometimes you might think to yourself and say “why is it that during this time of the year everyone is going out with boyfriends and I’m just sitting here with a tub of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and a holiday romance movie with tissues on the other side and snuggling in a big comfy blanket and basically crying your eyes out because you feel like you have no one to be with the holidays?” And dont lie to yourselfs i know there is alot of you girlys that think that!! Well easy said then done, you are Loved!!!!! You don’t always have to have a boyfriend for the holidays but sometimes it’s nice to have that certain someone with you, but truth is that you are loved you have people in your life that care about you and love you and are always there for you! There are your family and friends. Just remember that you are loved and always will be!

Hope all you have a fabulous day today!

Love you guys!! 

It’s the season of snuggling and warm movies


Is the most wonderful time of the year!!
It has come the the time of the cold winter nights and days and the joy of being with family and friends, and sweet hot chocolate and all good food along with snuggling up with a good Christmas movie! For it is the season of love and joy and music and laughter comes into the air as in hope that st nick will soon be here… haha see what I did there?!? Anyways I am so excited for the holiday season! It’s my favorite time of the holiday season! The music the movies and family game times along with hot chocolate and snuggling up with a happy Christmas movie on the cold weather nights!

So here are some fun things to do this weather your having a boring day or just want to do something fun during the holiday season!

Watching holiday movies
Go walk around to see christmas lights
Build a snow man
Go play in the snow
Make some videos
Make christmas cookies (yummy!!!)
Make and have some awesome hot chocolate and add a chocolate or white chocolate with candy cane crunch spoon to mix in with the hot chocolate!!
Listen to christmas music
Invite people over for game night
Do what makes you happy!

Hope you guys have an ahmazing holiday season and I will talk to you loves later!!! 

Love you guys!!!

It’s nice to take a break

Hello lovelys!! Wow it has been so much time since I have last posted on my blog  I am not very good at doing that at all! Along with that said I am going to be trying Sooo much better to be a better blogger and write more!! So exciting to announce that!! Lol

Anyways I have been off and on with having a rolor coaster of my life some days, meaning that I have been struggling alot some days but going through this struggle right now has made me stronger than ever before! Witch I am very grateful for!! So I am doing a whole lot more better than ever sill have my days but hey that’s what you call life!! And a typical day of an ocd girl. But hey I have learned so much from this whole nonsense experience with myself and ocd it’s not a fun experience but hey some times you need to go through some hard trials in life and crazy as it may sound I must of need to go through this for a reason, not to thrilled to have to deal with this mental illness but it’s probably for the best. Sorry for that novel of a post, haven’t been posting on my blog in a while!! I am sooooo going to be trying more better to keep up with my blogging!!! Anyways I hope everyone has had a wonderful day! And than you for understanding!!
Love you guys!!