The Big Dark Monster

Hey! Hope everyone has had a great day today and enjoy your weekend!😄 OK so this week has been a good week but I have had lots of anxiety Wich is ok not really but I have survived this week!😄 this week has went by so quickly along with its almost February! I know it’s already almost Valentines Day! So for today’s blog post is going to be about my OCD.. not to bring tears to everyone but it’s needs to be talked about.

So for many of you know that OCD stands for obsessive Colposion disorder.. it’s seriously almost problem it’s literally a Hell Hole! It’s so crazy how I go to and from being happy then the next is I change and have way to much anixity that I can barely think straight and I have to check myself and tell myself that everything is going to be okay but really my head is saying something different..

So I’ve been dealing with all this mental health issues now and for some reason I need to go through this mental health for it don’t know what reason but every thing is going to be okay. If anyone is going through similar issues trust me you can always talk to me!! Just know your not alone and we can all help each other in every way.

This is a Big Dark Monter!! 

I would love to hear everyone’s feedback!!

Hope everyone has a fantastic and wonderful day today and night!😄

Love you guys!


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