About Me…

Hey Everyone! I am Makyla, 23, I have finally decided to create a blog! this is all new for me but anyways, I love fashion and love designing clothes as well! I have always love designing since I was little I would be playing with fabric and cutting things up to fit me while my mom would be sewing. its funny to think about that I remember that day when my mom was sewing and me and my sister would be playing with all of her fabric it was so much fun. Anyways I also love photography if I ever have the time I love taking photos witch you will see sometime in my blog later on. I also love shopping if I ever had time I would always want to go shopping! I have a little problem with shopping..LOL I think all girls have that problem to as well. I am also a country type of Gal! from cowgirl hats to cowgirl boots, you name it I also love country music!

I have been going through lots of ups and downs in my life. I have been lately struggling with this thing called “OCD”. yes you heard right OCD its seriously no fun if your the one going through it!  I have learned to stop worrying so much about what people think of me its my Life, My Problems!  its nobody’s else’s problem! anyways I will talk more about that throughout my blog.

anyways the reason why I stared this blog was to hopefully inspire others and hopefully I will accomplish that goal and hopefully all you enjoy my blog that’s is being in the process of being Made.

Hope you all enjoy My blog!


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