Winter Times

Hey!!😄 Hope everyone is doing well and had a great day today! So how is everything going with everyone!? Hope everyone is staying all safe and warm on this cold winters night! 

OK so first off I’m blogging this week! Yeah for blogging again! It’s crazy keeping up with everyone and blogging it’s hard work! Anyways so for today’s blog post is going to be about any winters routines!! What’s everyone’s favorite you tubers and what’s everyone’s go to for the winter to stay at home days!?! What’s everyone’s routine?? My routine is pretty laid back watching TV and all that and everything else I also like to watch movies and or in this case watch YouTube videos of morning and night routines! It’s so fun to see what other people do. So hope everyone has a fantastic and wonderful day and night tell me your winter go to’s it can be anything from skin to makeup or hair what’s everyone’s favorite things to do during winter! 

I love to hear everyone’s feedback!!

Love you guys!😄


You Are Beautiful

Hey!😄Hope you are all doing well! How’s everyone doing this wonderful day!? OK so first off I’m blogging this week that’s a win! And for you all don’t know blogging is sometimes hard to keep up with everything!! So clap that I am blogging this week!😄 

So first off how is everything going with everyone!? Hope all is well!!😄 so for today’s blog is about being selfish confident! I know this is a hard topic to talk about but it will get more easier for you all if we talk about being self confident! 

Being self confident is hard believe me I know I’ve been depressed I’ve been and seen what others go through and everything. So believe me when I say it’s going to get more better!! You are all beautiful in your own given way!! Trust me it’s hard and it is hard but listen to me you all of you girls are doing great at being yourself!! No matter what you look like just be your own beautiful self!! 

Well hope everyone has a fantastic and wonderful day today and enjoy your weekend!! You guys can always talk to me about anything!😄
Love you guys!!😄

Be The Best You Can Be

Hey!! Hope everyone has a fantastic and wonderful day today!😄 OK so first off I am blogging again!! So for today’s blog I will be talking about being the best you can be! This probably sound funny but seriously we all have those bad days and good days but seriously why not just have a good day in every way you can make your day the best it can.

Choose to be happy and go outside and do something with a friend go work out or go shopping just do anything to make your day more better. I know this might sound hard for some of you but seriously you will thank me latter..😄 just know that when ever you are depressed or anything  you can always talk to me about anything!! Hope you are all doing well and had a great day today!😄
Love you guys!!😄

Happy New Years

Hey! Hope all is well with everyone!!😄 it’s finally the New Years!!😄 can’t hardly wait for what is in store this Shiny New Years!! I hope everyone has a fantastic and wonderful day today and enjoying the last of the holidays!! 

It’s been forever since I have last blogged so it’s the New Year!! I thought I would blog on this lovely New Years day and see how everyone is doing!! Hope everyone is doing well!! So I’ve been taking care of myself for personal reasons and health issues but I’m healing now! I am doing better every day!! Anyways if will be blogging more this New Years!!😄 so hope you all have an awesome and amazing day today!!
Love you guys!!

Working Out Can Be Fun


Good afternoon my loves!! Hope everyone had a great day today!!!😄 yeah!! It’s Friday!! And the weekend!! That means my mom is finally off for the week from work Wich I know she’s works alot of the times but some days I could really use her help and time with some things throughout the day some times. Anyways at least it’s the weekend and I can spend some time with here some time this weekend..


Anyways so for today’s blog post is Friday’s spotlight is about working out!! I know whenever you probably here that word work out you think “oh my goodness do I have to?” Working out might seem tireding but it’s also good for you!! Even on days when you don’t feel like doing anything you should work out, go swimming, walking, running or do some at home work out run on a treadmill or Mt climbers or swim in your pool if you have a pool or just Dance around!! Dancing gives you tons of energy!! Just do some kind of a work out weather it’s going to the gym or working out at home bring a friend it’s more fun to have more motivation when someone else is with you!! Anyways also another thing to help you have more motivation to go work out is find some cute work out clothes!! It’s always helps to look good when you work out!!


Anyways I hope everyone has a fantastic day and night and a wonderful weekend and enjoy your weekend!😄

Let me know what you like to do for your work outs and everything in the comments section!! I love your feedback!!!

Love you guys!!!💋

Your Beautiful In Every Way


Good evening my loves!! Hope everyone has had a great day today!!😄 today has been just pretty much chill for me didn’t even really get reattach ready for the day today!.. lol didn’t feel like it just one of those need a break from everything kind of a day… lol yeah it was awesome caught up on some TV shows was in need of!!😂 lol anyways thought I would get a head start on the blog post tonight, so I won’t forget tomorrow.. lol typical me always laying off of the blog posts stuff!! Anyways I thought why not talk about routines!!! I’ve been obsessed with watching routine videos on the YouTube!
Lol I mean come on there are like millions of people who pute time and effort into making those kind of videos!! And so it got me thinking why not talk about what’s everyone’s routine for night or morning or whatever for getting ready or un ready at night haha if that’s how you want to say that…😂


OK so truth is I have many different types of routines for getting ready in the the morning for the day some days I’ll shower if needed mostly I will shower and sometimes just will skip the shower and get ready and do the make up and so on.. and some what procrastinate and watch videos or look on pintrest… come on don’t lie in know you all are guilty of starring at that pintrest screen all the the time and making board after board! Lol anyways it’s all good moving on next after gaming and glitzy around I’ll usually just find something to do to keep me busy weather it’s playing on my phone or watching TV or something like that I usually try to just stay relax so I don’t get to overwhelmed with everything and so I don’t get to stressed out about stuff witch is seriously no fun!!

Anyways I hope everyone has a fantastic and wonderful day tomorrow and tonight!!!😄😄

Let me know what your routines are and go to’s are in the the comments section!! I love your feedback!!!

Love you guys!!💋

Fashion With Shoes


Good morning my loves!! Hope everyone has a fantastic and wonderful day today and enjoy your weekend!!😄 OK so yeah!! That this is my second blog post this week and it’s easter Weekend!!😄 who else is ready for easter and to have fun this weekend!!?? Well for this weekend I’m probably going to the water park!! It’s lovely weather here!! Along with that and on Easter I’m excited for having dinner with a lot of family!! It’s fun because we’re always laughing and happy when are family is together and just enjoying the company!! And we love playing board games along with that said!!….


Anyways so today is another Friday Spotlight!! And it’s all about Shoes!!!😀 anyways as spring and summer are arriving and it’s warmer weather now!! It’s time for those open toe shoes!! So here’s some of my favorite styling shoes for the warmer weather days are!!!… OK so first off all I love flip flops!! There just so easy to slip on if your not going anywhere to fancy that you don’t need to get all dressed up!! I mean if your not wanting to get all dressed up and not in the mood to reply do anything besides put your hair up and some sweats and a comfy t-shirt and slip on some flip flops!! Then go ahead and do what makes you comfortable!! Anyways if your in the mood for a fun night out with friends and want and edgier look for a choice of shoes I would probably choose some flats or some wedges!! To add height to any of my outfits!! Or just any type of shoes whatever mood your in or your style is just have fun and be stylish!! Well that’s all for now for today’s blog post!!




I hope everyone has a fantastic and wonderful day today and enjoy your weekend!! Let me know what your favorite style of shoes are I love your feedback!! Anyways I hope everyone has a fantastic and wonderful day today and enjoy your weekend!!😄 and remember to stay stylin!!

Love you guys!!!💋 XOXO